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I didn’t know that I suffered from terrible allergies, until I went away for college. All of a sudden, the outdoor weather conditions was much different than ever before. I had lived in a mild climate area, with mild summers and cool winters. During my first year of college, the Spring season was the worst. My dorm room was situated right above a big group of wildflowers, when they were blooming, I could barely breathe. At first, I thought I was getting sick. I was sniffling, sneezing, and my throat felt itchy. When the illness never seemed to change symptoms, I consulted the university infirmary.  That’s when I found out that I was suffering from exhausting allergies. The nurse recommended buying a small whole-apartment air purifier for the dorm room. The whole-apartment air purifier would help with the atmosphere in the dorm room. I wrote an email to my parents and they happily helped me buy a small portable whole-apartment air purifier for my dorm room. The whole-apartment air purifier was good quality, and it didn’t cost much money to run it. It filtered all of the pollens and bacteria from my room. After using the whole-apartment air purifier for a few weeks, I started to see the difference in my overall health.  I slept all through the night, and I woke feeling rested. I was getting plenty of rest, so my grades improved too. I kept the whole-apartment air purifier for the entire time at college. It finally stopped working, about halfway through graduate school. The whole-apartment air purifier was a good investment for my education and my health.

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