Air flow out of the HVAC

How many of us work with someone who has a short temper? All of us because that’s an easy question to answer. Some of us could even be that person, but that’s just fine!  As nice as it is would be to say the people I was with and I have a grasp on our coping mechanisms when stressed, there’s forever those little buttons that get pressed. And when those dang buttons are touched off, oh boy – that’s when you and I realize how bad our temper can absolutely get! I still remember from a few years ago, when I used to do my job in this distribution center which carried heating & A/C parts. Ironically, this distribution center was completely bereft of air conditioners, furnaces, or even simple ventilation – only the bay doors could determine how much airflow blew into or out of the warehouse. Since our temperatures inside the space were always drastic in one single way or another, it was easy for warehouse team members to become fed up and fatigued. There is a single guy in particular  – we’ll call him Ted – who had an unquestionably strenuous time coping with our temperature changes! He was an excellent worker plus highly knowledgeable, however amn, did he have a quick temper! One morning, Ted had just enough of the drastic temperatures, so he mistakenly called the company’s buyer repair line. He got into a screaming match with some poor human working in buyer service, then ranting at someone in HR, until eventually he was hollering directly at the vice president of the company. Needless to say, old Ted didn’t have his job much longer after that morning. However the people I was with and I all still l received something important from our workplace over all this. So, from that time moving forward, our supervisors made sure the people I worked with and I had access to box fans, water & ice machines to keep cool, plus the air conditioned break room was added. It’s unfortunate it took someone completely coming unglued in his place of employment for things to finally get addressed, however that’s how it goes periodically. I hope Ted found himself a sweet, cushy office job where he labors in an air conditioned space, or at least in a line of tasks where he has access to his own fan.

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