Air filters caught a scent

When my spouse and I went to a recent convention, we found an interesting product. She and I try to attend the homeowner shows, because we are always looking for current ideas. We have a real estate business, focusing on flipping houses in lower income areas. She and I are always looking for interesting ways to sell our houses. On a recent convention out of the country, we got ¬†an inside peek into scented air filters for the heating and cooling units. When we saw the flyer, we were shocked to see a variety of scents. The air filters came in several sizes, which would accommodate most models of Heating and A/C systems. The flyer stated the supplier had 13 scents to choose from, but they only had 6 on hand at the convention. Some of the air filter scents were summer breeze, lavender bomb, citrus bubbles, plus cinnamon surprise, my wife and I smelled many of the scents, and they were not bad. She and I decided to buy 2 air filters to take on the plane ride home. Neither of us have ever seen any scented air filters before, plus our real estate friends needed to see this too. By the time we back to the states, my whole suitcase smelled of apples and cinnamon, but unfortunately, after 2 weeks of use, the air filter didn’t smell great any more. It turns out the scented air filters were more of a novelty item, than an actual useful idea. It was still interesting to see the demonstration and smell all the scents.

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