Air conditioning use in the rental

When I was a tenant, I thought I had it so bad while I was struggling just to pay the rent. Now 30 years later, I am a property owner. I look back at my old self as well as laugh at what an idiot I was. Being a tenant is so much less stressful than owning the property. If I had the option to talk to the young me, I would tell him to relax and just enjoy it while it lasts. When you are the property owner, you are renting out all your stuff to someone else, from the floors, to the plumbing to the heating and cooling system. There are so many factors to any home. And if any one of them goes wrong, the property owner has to come in and fix things. This is what recently happened to the central air conditioning of our rental property. It was in fact the fifth time this tenant has complained about his HVAC system. That’s the thing, though, is that it isn’t his HVAC system at all, it’s our HVAC system. When it breaks down, even though I’m not the one running the thermostat, it is our duty to maintenance it. The first several times the tenant called me about it, I sent an HVAC maintenance tech over to inspect the system. This fifth time, I am tempted to tell the tenant that he can either move out, or maintenance the darned air conditioning himself because I have had it up to here.

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