Air conditioning device for ADHD

I have a difficult time concentrating during my classes. Some of that is due to my ADHD though. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD symptoms, ever since I was ten years old.  My mom wanted medication to help me, which really increased my ability to sit still and focus during class. I’ve been on meds for seven years. It has helped me to get higher grades in addition to better concentration in class.   Last year was really difficult, because I had to sit in the back row of the science lab.The science lab was really warm, which didn’t help either. I always concentrate better, in a well air conditioned atmosphere. There is something about the cool air that helps me to remain focused! When the cooling system is out, I can hardly keep track of the time. When my parents realized the cool air helped my concentration, they installed a small mini-cut cooling system system in my room The mini-split cooling system is right above my bed. It looks like part of the decor and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The mini-split cooling system is ductless, which made it particularly easy to install. My Dad put the cooling system in my room, over the period of one whole day. When I do my homework, I set the cooling system to 67 degrees.  For some reason, my concentration is always better when the cooling system is icy cold. When I go off to university, I’m going to need my own apartment. I will be able to keep the cooling system set to any temperature that I prefer, without having my roomates upset about the climate conditions in our dorm room.

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