Air conditioner parts

I spent way too much money last winter season.  I took my family on an island getaway, purchased myself a new truck,and ended up having to pay for a huge repair on the furnace.  By the time spring arrived, I needed to figure out a way to save money. I decided to handle the annual maintenance of the air-conditioner on my own.  Rather than hire a professional AC technician, I looked up a how-to video online. I was able to watch how to access the inner workings of the air conditioner in addition to complete the service.  Since I lacked some of the necessary tools, I was forced to purchase some at the local hardware store. I then spent my entire Thursday working on the air conditioner. It was not tough to access the cooling coil, motor, fan or the condensate drain.  Everything was overrun with dust, mold, mildew in addition to an ugly orange slime. I know I got a little carried away with cleaning because there were parts scattered everywhere. I also bent several fan blades, but could not fully straighten them.. Replacing the fan blades turned out to be more than I could manage.  I also realized that I couldn’t put the air conditioner back together again. Defeated, I hired a HVAC tech. to clean up the mess I had made. It cost more because of the damage I had caused, but the tech. was able to complete the entire maintenance in under an hour.

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