Air conditioner in the house fire

My wonderful neighbors recently had a house fire, however in this unfortunate fire there was so much damage done. The damage ranged from the family room, to the basement, to their lavatory, to the heating and cooling system as well as their furnace. This is such a darn shame. I wanted to help them so much, then so, you know what, I did. I gave them a key to my house. They did decided to stay at our house.  When they got there, they even mentioned how the heating & cooling system was even a bit on the comfy side as compared to what they once had in their house before that fire. They said the local heating as well as cooling supplier provided them with a warranty on the their house’s air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit was actually fully insured. So, when the house is put back in order as well as cleaned up from the severely terrible fire they experienced, they will be getting a heating as well as cooling system upgrade.  But not just any old heating and cooling system though. Can you even imagine what kind? Oh, I will really tell you what sort. That’s right….they are receiving a whole brand new, severely powerful, really nice, over the top as well as up-to-date heating and cooling system with the whole house air purifier as well as whole house humidifier. It is going to be just the best thing ever in the world of Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C as well as heating and cooling technology. I am ever so happy for all of them! I’m so thankful, I even want to throw a party to celebrate! But I will not need to do that. In the end, that fire was bad, but every tragedy periodically has it’s upside!

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