Air cleaner for kid’s health

Last week my step son came to stay with us for the entire summer. I’m excited to spend time with this little dude,and to have a super fun summer together as a happy little family.   He and I have always gotten along great and we are actually really close to each other. When ever he comes to visit he always seems to be sick or on his way to being sick. I don’t suppose what it is about his tiny child body, but it seems attract any germ possible.   This affects his mom and I as well so that we both end up getting sick too. That’s why I’m not taking any chances during his visit this year. I had a professional Heating and A/C technician visit our home weeks before my stepson arrived, and asked for professional heating and cooling solutions to circumvent some of our impending illness. I knew there had to be something we could do about the airborne bacteria that come flying out of my stepson’s nostrils every couple of minutes.  We desperately want to find a way to stop the respiratory irritants from spreading all over the house with the help of our central AC. The Heating and A/C technician agreed that this was a great idea. The technician suggested we take 2 precautions to treat our indoor air. The first suggestion was that he install new HEPA air filters in our HVAC system. These air filters work to catch smaller bacteria, mold spores, and dander than other filters can. He told us about a whole home air purification system.  These systems are pretty pricey, but they work effectively to remove airborne bacteria. Three thousand dollars later, our Heating and A/C system is prepared to take on even the newest germs from daycare.

air purification 

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