Aggravated in the heat

It seems I’m one of the few people out there that will admit to hating Summer weather. I love the Winter, even the substantial snow storms that our town faces every year! I love being cuddled up in blankets and seeing a blizzard from the window. I am also lucky to have a strong heating system in effect at my home, and heated blankets that keep me toasty during the bitter-cold season. I am the happiest girl in the Winter! Summer, on the other hand, brings out the worst in me. I can’t take the heat! It makes me hot, sweaty and terribly uncomfortable. I overheat quickly, to the point where I feel genuinely sick from the heat. The only thing that gets me through the heat is our excellent cooling system. It is a powerful forced air system, and keeps me cool all Summer long. I wish I could take the cooling system with me while I’m out and about, but that is just not possible. Instead, I spend as much time as possible indoors. I usually spend the Summer afternoons as close to our cooling system as possible, enjoying the cool air. My friends get aggravated with me and my efforts to be cool, and they think it is unhealthy that I spend so much time glued to the a/c unit. They just don’t understand! I skip beach trips, and all outdoor activities in general as often as possible. I try everything that I possibly can to keep myself comfortable until the Winter comes back around to deliver me from the heat. Maybe one day, I will change and learn to love the Summer weather. Until then, I will sit by our a/c unit and wish the Summer away.

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