Adding humidity to the air quality

Our wood stove serves two purposes in our house. Brad and I live in a region with cold temperatures plus chilly, cold ice. It’s not that frequent for the outdoor temperatures to be well above 70, and because our new home is consistently being warmed up, the indoor air quality is dry plus dirty. My hands are cracked a lot while in the Wintertime, plus I am sick and I seem to sneeze a ton. For around 5 years, I suffered with the dry, irritating air quality. I did not want to buy a high in cost humidifier to use for only a few weeks. One time I was watching a seasoned cable program, plus I saw something new. They had a pot of water boiling on the wood stove for the humidifier. I never saw that being used for anything other than cooking. After researching the the idea, I realized you can use a pot of water to add moisture into the air. Brad and I had a nice wood stove in the corner of the living room. I loaded a big pot with water, plus set it on top of the stove. It started heating, which released tiny bubbles of moisture into the air. Brad and I kept the water pot filled for around one week, hoping it would help our indoor air quality. Brad and I could not initially tell if the older humidifier was even working, although I did not get cracked hands while in the entire week. Ever since that time, Brad and I have consistently kept the pot boiling with water.

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