Adding a heater to our northern home

My childhood lake residence is in the northern section of the country.  In this area, they usually experience really chilly Winter weather. As soon as I was finally old enough, I moved to the South to get away from this brutally cold weather.  I constantly felt like a warm season girl, so it was especially nice to finally live closer to the beach and the blazing hot weather. Every few months or so, I return back to that old lake residence to visit my parents.  They still live in the same house that I was actually raised in, so visiting takes me back to my childhood every time. Not many things have changed much. My room still looks entirely the same! The decorations throughout the dining room are definitely the same.  The appliances haven’t really changed. Just like when I was a little kid, it is very difficult to stay sizzling in our lake residence during the Winter. Our lake residence is so huge that the seasoned heating machine can’t keep the entire house quite warm enough.  There are the colder parts and warmer parts of the residence, just as I remembered. My room was constantly one of the cooler parts of the residence. I ask my dad to bring me the section furnace when I get the chance to visit. That usually makes things more comfortable.  I wish my parents would think about updating the insulation and heating machine in the house, but I understand their hesitation to make such a major investment, especially when they are thinking about going to a smaller home. Despite this, being at lake residence always brings me back to my childhood and fills me with wonderful memories.  I constantly cherish my time spent at home, but I am constantly blissful to return back to the nice weather!

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