AC will never run the same

I’m finally free and I can’t believe it! I never thought that this day would every arrive. I feel so happy and relaxed for the first time I can remember in months. Our in-laws are finally leaving for a few days. And I can’t even remember the last time that I had the beach house to myself. But I just about would bet that it was the morning before they “temporarily” moved in. The trouble all started last year when a hurricane ripped through their town and ended up damaging their house down south. Their walls and windows got all messed up, plus it caused some terrible conditions indoors because of the lack of A/C in the house. So, during the reconstruction, they asked to move in with us at our house for a couple of weeks. Of course, no problem, we said! Except now it’s been almost 5 months! It’s not that I don’t like our them, either, but the we tend to disagree on a few important points. Namely, that since their Heating and A/C system is completely out of commission, they want to take ours over for themselves. I want them to be comfortable, really. And if that means using a ton of A/C, I really have no problem with it. I will take on the added expenses of getting the A/C unit at our house professionally serviced by a local Heating plus A/C company so they can blast the air conditioning as much as they want and I have no issue with that. I just wish they would consider how much our weekly energy bills have been for the past 5 months and maybe they’d offer to chip in some cash. I mean, do we really need the house to be kept at a constant 65 degrees through continual central cooling system usage? Paying the energy bill gets harder every week. With them being out of the picture for the weekend, our A/C unit and power bill are going to get a nice break!  

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