AC was not up high enough

Book club tuesday night with my close pals is my preferred night of the week! We don’t handle this how normal people do. That would be too tame. Instead, the people I was with and I turned it into a bit of a drinking game… Whoever can’t remember a particular detail from the book has to take a shot of booze. Occasionally 1 of us doesn’t have enough time to study the book, in addition to the people I partied with and I guess what kind of book club night we’re in for then. One time, the people I partied with and I had other forces to contend with. We were all at my house, in addition to I had all the food cooking away on the stove, when suddenly the residing room began to become stiflingly hot. I figured the cooling system wasn’t up high enough to make up for all the heating from the stove in addition to oven. I went over to the temperature control in addition to turned up the air conditioning up a few degrees. An second later, however, the lake house was getting even hotter. I knew something was really wrong, however at that point none of us could really focus on something as trivial as air conditioning. In the day, though, I woke up to one of the biggest headaches I have ever had. I had been perspiring so bad in addition to not drinking enough cold water. I was so dehydrated. I got a glass of water in addition to after that I got myself over to the temperature control. Immediately I realized that nothing was wrong with the central cooling system. I had stupidly tried important the wrong button, so when I tried to turn up the temperature to compensate for the heat from the cooking the order hadn’t gone through. The temperatures in my lake house were just fine, in addition to I felt absolutely dumb. I was cheerful the next book club night wasn’t for another few weeks.

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