AC used all year round

Summer is right around the corner & so it is time for our family to start planning where we’ll all be taking our annual end of summertime holiday! It is a tradition with us that has been going on for decades now & it’s showing little sign of slowing down. Usually we do something that is the exact opposite of most people. We look for someplace chilly to go to, because we live in the deep south. Not only does it get stifling hot outside in the summer, but it is also pretty hot during the winter too. The whole point here is that we all get our fair share of heat during the rest of the year. When we go on holiday, we always tend to look for colder locales to experience something different. I think I know where I want to go & I think I can convince the family to vote for that place as well. There is this particular ski resort way up in the mountains. It will have plenty of snow & chilly temperatures to keep us all pretty happy. Hey, we might even need to turn on the furnace while we’re there. That would be crazy! Where we live, I don’t think I have ever had to use the furnace at all, to be honest. The A/C gets used practically year round, but the furnace is just about always turned off. It makes sense for us, but I would really think that someone who lives in the far north would find it to be odd indeed. I always am excited about our cold summertime holidays but I’d never want to live in a chilly environment year round.

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