AC unit needed to be fixed

My sibling is arranging a birthday get together for her one year old child. She talked to me the other day, asking me if I owned chairs to bring to the get together. When I asked how many chairs she had to have. She began by saying, “Well, there’s going to be sixty friends there…” So, I had to quickly tell her that I did NOT have sixty chairs laying around our apartment in addition to proceeded to ask why in the world she was inviting sixty people at her beach apartment for a one year old’s birthday get together. On top of that, she seems to be under the idea that most people can fit in her apartment, because she was asking me if our wife was free to come look at her air conditioning system unit. She said she hoped to make sure most people was cool, in addition to the air conditioning system hadn’t been laboring as well lately. However, I said she was crazy. However, our wife did go look at her air conditioning system machine in addition to there were some minor problems that she had to fix. She was gone for a while laboring on it, so I assumed there was in fact something going on with the air conditioning system, in addition to it wasn’t just our sibling being nervous. When the day of the get together began, our sibling had already talked to me twice before I arrived. She wanted to make sure I was taking a pie in addition to another dish because she had to have enough food for most people. I assured her that was the situation. When we did finally get to her house, I realized it was quite chilly inside. I commented on the air conditioning system, in addition to she gave me a tired look. I soon figured out why… All that fretting about the air conditioning system, in addition to most people was out back because the beach apartment was too crowded with most people in it.

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