AC to remove stinky smell

 A neighbour of mine had this dog that hated to stay home.  She would let him out to do his business, plus he would stay outside for hours.  He never lost sight of the house, although he refused to come back into the house.  He hated having other pets come around their house, plus everyone knew that they couldn’t bring their own pets to visit.  He didn’t even want strangers to come into the house, if he was in the home alone.

              One morning, a baby deer was in the yard, plus he growled plus snarled, as he blocked the door, until the deer ran away.  Next morning, he decided that barking plus growling was not enough. He took after the intruder, however it did not bode well for him.  This intruder was a skunk plus the dog got sprayed. My neighbour didn’t know of his encounter until he came running into the home plus jumped on his lap.  She had to be at work in an hour, so she tied the dog outside, got rid of her clothing, took a shower, then turned on the A/C with the media air purification system.  Skunk will not wash away.

            She got on the bus plus went to pick up the kids.  It was chilly out, plus yet she had to run the air conditioner to help get rid of the stink.  Unfortunately the air conditioner was not helping so she turned on the fans. Not the air conditioner or the fans were working so she opened all of the windows.  The kids weren’t enjoying the cold, but that was better than the smell that was all over the house for the next several days.

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