AC system when we are playing

During the warm season I love going to the local team’s baseball games. They are usually held in the early evening at the local ballpark. Where I live in the south, it tends to get pretty warm this time of year. Even at night it seems like the sky is heating up like a gas furnace in the middle of Winter season! This is why we regularly have to dress smart when going to the games. Always having a cool drink on hand is a must, in the event that it is one of these hot nights. The ballpark itself isn’t bad, it’s kind of like a mini stadium. They take good care of it, and it’s always clean. Even after all the traffic that place sees day after day. The floors are even sparkling most of the time in the halls where the food stands are. That’s how much they take care of this ballpark. As much as I like the game, when it’s over i’m ready to almost drop from the heat. I rush out to my car and crank the heck out of my A/C. This starts helping me cool down and get my thoughts and body feeling normal again. After about 5 minutes taking in the air conditioning in my car, I can then drive home with a clear head. Before leaving to go to the game, I regularly pre-set my thermostat to 72 degrees and have it cooling the house while i’m gone. Then, when I get home, I walk into a smooth and nice cooling breeze. A feeling like this can only be generated by an up-to-date HVAC system. Outside air, especially in this part of the country, can never produce this kind of cooling. Even in the Winter season season. After the game, I take a warm shower and crawl into bed fully relaxed. This is why air conditioning is important after every game!

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