AC repair will have to wait

When the factory here in our village closed down, over half the village lost their tasks! Thankfully for me I am a writer, & I work from my own property. The plant closing didn’t directly affect me, at least not in the beginning… Soon after began what I have started calling the Grand Exodus. With so many people out of work, hundreds of families basically just picked up & moved away. The mass migration in turn led to quite a few local businesses going under! Now our village is basically like a ghost village. While this is terrible, it is also totally inconvenient. I recently found out that my air conditioning equipment stopped working. Around these parts, having a legitimately working A/C is not exactly optional unless you enjoy swimming in your own sweat. In the past I would ask my buddy Frank to take a look at my AC, because he was quite handy with things. Now Frank has moved away, so my next step would be to contact a Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealership & request a service visit. There were several different heating & cooling service shops in town, but it seems that all of them have closed for good. Exploring my options, I found that the closest Heating, Ventilation & A/C service shop is now about 50 minutes away, so it will cost a ton of money just to get my broken A/C equipment inspected. Doing a little online research showed me that I could have a small, portable A/C component delivered to my property for about the same amount as a Heating, Ventilation & A/C service visit.

HVAC plan

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