AC repair on the trip

Nobody wants to go on vacation and need to work on the equipment in their hotel room, or rental cabin.  That seems ludicrous, but it is what happened to me. I was over an hour from the nearest town, and the rental office was there.  I also arrived at my rental cabin on a Sunday, which is the only day the rental office is not open. I stopped in town for about half an hour so I could get enough supplies to last me the ten days I was going to be at the cabin.  I was so anxious to start my vacation. Ten days on the top of a mountain, an hour away from everyone, and nothing but the forest and the lake. I wanted to go fishing and hiking, and then just relax and nap whenever I wanted to. I couldn’t wait to spend ten days doing nothing if that’s what I wanted to do.  Unfortunately, this was not how my vacation was going to start. After carrying in the groceries and my supplies, I looked for the thermostat. It was a bit stuffy, and I wanted to turn on the air conditioning. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but after ten minutes the air conditioner still wasn’t responding.  I thought about calling the office, but I didn’t want to wait that long. Being a HVAC tech, I knew how they worked, so I traced out the problem and I fixed it myself. It only took an hour, and my air conditioning was running, and I was on vacation.

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