AC making an odd sound

We have a conference room in the building where I work.  Most people use it throughout the week. The room is normally booked at various times a day due to meetings and presentations. It’s fixed up real nice, with plenty of comfortable chairs and a bunch of audio and visual technology that is accessible for presentations.  Sometimes people just duck in for a quick meeting if the conference room is not tied up for something else. It’s an ideal location to get some work done without interruption. When the room is empty, there is normally very little noise or distraction in there. Recently, however, there was a problem with the HVAC system. There was an odd  noise that only occurred when the HVAC unit started up. It wasn’t overly loud, but enough to be completely distracting. A coworker observed that the noise seemed to be originating from an overhead HVAC duct. We brought in a step-ladder that we borrowed from the service closet and used a cell Phone to light up the interior of vent. We couldn’t determine any type of issue,  we we decided to hire a licensed HVAC contractor come out to inspect the ducts. We scheduled a same day appointment, and he arrived here shortly after lunch. In about an twenty minutes, he was able to isolate the noise to a piece of the ducting that had somehow gotten pulled loose. The duct system in the conference room was included in a recent remodel, so it may have been bumped during the installation. Thankfully, the HVAC contractor had it fixed in no time.  We were able to use the room again.

a/c install

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