AC just does not have it

When ever our partner and I go anywhere together he regularly insists on driving with the windows down.  He hates having the A/C running in the car because he insists that it wastes gas. I however dislike having the windows down.  I dislike everything about having the windows down. I dislike the loud noise it makes, I dislike the smell from other cars that waft into our car, and I dislike how our hair will whip around our face which makes it hard to see if I am the one that is driving.  Also, after both of us get out of the car after having the windows down our hair is regularly a rats nest and it is very painful to brush out. I have explained all of this to him but he still insists his way is the right way. I would much rather have the A/C going because it cuts down on the noise levels, I don’t have to smell the road work, and our hair doesn’t even up looking like a birds nest.  This is an argument both of us have everything both of us get in the car to go anywhere together. I don’t know why he can’t just see it our way. Obviously I am the one who is right, windows down in the car is not worth the hassle. Ac keeps the car the perfect temperature, and if our chance it gets too cold both of us just have to turn the fan speed down a touch. I have hopes that one morning our partner will change his way of thinking and realize that running the air conditioning in the car is the only way to go.

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