AC in the truck

Road trips are a blast!  Recently, my family and I went on a three day road trip traveling out west. We were headed to see some friends we hadn’t seen for over five years. I love long car rides, and this was by far the longest road trip I had ever been on. My husband, oldest daughter, and I took turns driving. Each person drove for eight hour increments while the others rested. The most interesting part about the whole ride was the temperature in the car. I prefer the temperature in the car to be around seventy-five degrees, so when I drove, I set the temperature to seventy-five. My husband, on the other hand, likes it much cooler while he is driving. He likes to keep the vehicle so cold that there is no chance of him falling asleep while at the wheel. Though I think this is a wise choice, my daughter and I are absolutely freezing the entire time my husband is driving. When my daughter drives, she likes it a littler cooler than I prefer, but still manageable. She sets the temperature around sixty-eight degrees. The difference in temperature while each person was driving, made the trip very interesting, and gave us something to laugh about. Each time I drove, my husband and daughter complained it was way too hot. However, when my husband drove, we all piled blankets on ourselves in order to keep warm. In the end, we all agreed that our daughter was the wisest of us all, and she kept us the most comfortable.  

a/c repair

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