AC in the barn does not help


                I will never believe that horse barns are clean.  I had the opportunity to be in a one a few days ago and the air in those barns is cloying.  They need air conditioner and media air cleaners if they are ever to get me into one again. The animals themselves are scary big.  I’m barely 5 foot tall, and they expect me to approach an animal that is twice my height and grin while doing it? I don’t think that is going to happen.  

             It took me more than a day and about multiple showers, to get that smell out of my body and nose.  It was really disgusting. I turned on the media air cleaner in our home, in hopes of getting that smell out of there.  Not even washing my clothing was helping. I never ran our portable media air cleaner, because I have an air purification plan in our air conditioner unit, however I now had it going all going.

            Two days later, I thought it was going to finally be okay, and I pulled out the jeans I had washed thrice. They smelled like the horse barn.  In the end I threw them away. I pulled out the new orange and white checkered shirt and I also threw it away. I guess that it all sounds ridiculous to everyone, but this just ruined my entire week.  If anyone ever asks me to go riding with them, they better mean in a car. There is no way anyone will ever get me to near horses and horse barns, again.

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