AC for the west

Growing up in the region where I live, every one of us constantly have weather that seems to be rather unpredictable… My friends and I often have endless ideas of things to get into to occupy our time while we happen to be away from school. One of our best friends who lives next door usually comes up with the best options to try, and last year was truly no different. We basically all gathered around our typical meeting spot at my front porch one sizzling Summer day, and attempted to find something modern to do! Without fail he said that every one of us should go inside our lake dwelling and try to put together a model airplane. We pretty much took a vote and most people agreed that this was a wonderful idea. No sooner had every one of us reached our family room upstairs, then I saw a few of my friends beginning to sweat profusely. My Mom came into my room and told me and my friends that our Heating and Air Conditioning appliance had just went out! I couldn’t honestly believe it, I had been ready to spend the day playing but instead I had to reach out to our Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and let them know that every one of us required a repair. The man that I spoke with said that a worker would be there within an hour. Once he showed up, he told my father that every one of us would be needing a total A/C appliance due to our system being a much older model… In no time the tech had our replaced appliance installed and every one of us were again enjoying the cool air!


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