AC for the plants

I am not a skilled botanist. I don’t guess what’s wrong with me, but plants don’t thrive in our care. I guess love I have a hard time remembering to take care of them respectfully, plus when I do recall our responsibilities to feed plus water our plants, I tend to overdo it. I shower them with love, but all that attention at once floods the pot plus drowns our little orange buddy. It’s constantly all or nothing when it comes to our watering, but then, by the time I notice that the plants aren’t doing well, it’s already too late to save them. That’s why I decided to try our hand at growing air plants recently. They require hardly any care at all, so I guess I can manage to keep them alive. The only thing is, I needed to change our indoor air conditions in order to support their independent lifestyle; You see, it is recommended  that air plants are kept in moderately moderate plus humid air. The plants actually don’t require soil, because they draw up moisture from the air. Therefore, you need to make sure there’s plenty of relative humidity in the air, in order to supply enough water! For the past 2 years, I’ve actually been running a powerful dehumidifying method along with our AC unit in the Summer time to reduce the indoor humidity each summer. The cooling plus dehumidifying method toil great together plus make our apartment so cool plus comfortable, but this Heating plus A/C setup was actually going to dry out our plants! I knew I wouldn’t remember to mist them more often in the dry air conditions, so I decided to just have the dehumidifier disconnected entirely. We’ll see how long these babies last.

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