A very new storage unit

In this country,  it seems to me like the present is a far more dangerous period than the recent past. If you go back in time a couple centuries, things tend to be a lot more violent. but it seems like we had a lull 50 years ago and it’s been constantly rising since. Perhaps it’s just my narrow experience of the world combined with a middle class that’s been slowly declining for decades. These days, folks seem much poorer and more desperate, and that’s how you get a high crime rate.

           I am extremely worried with this growing concern, so I went through the motions of having a security plan contractor come out to install one of their package deals. This deal has a surveillance plan covering every side of the house, automated lights that are motion sensor activated, and a silent alarm which calls the police when tripped. A piece of me truly feels sad over having to undertake all these precautions, but in this day and age, it pays to be safe. I have a family and two young daughters to think about.

          I may be just overreacting and being suckered by the security plan corporation, but I do believe a real threat exists out there somewhere, and I need to be ready for it. Many if my neighbors are also getting security systems, that either confirms my suspicions about getting my own plan, or merelt shows the effects of mass hysteria. I’m not sure which.

building access system 

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