A very major expense

I am certainly peculiar about indoor temperature of my apartment.  I can’t allow myself to feel even slightly cold or overheated. I always use some type of heating or cooling unit all year round.  Since I live in an area that experiences extremes winter weather and hot, humid summer seasons, the heating/cooling unit carries a year round heavy workload.  I need an HVAC plan that can not only meet my demand but also operates reliably and efficiently. I certainly don’t want to be inconvenienced by a HVAC repair service or spend a fortune on my overall utility bills.  I currently rent a two story apartment, so I rely on the property manager to handle any concerns that arise. This can be super frustrating when I’m left with a oil furnace or a/c that does not work. While I’m extremely happy that I’m not responsible for the cost of repairs, I don’t love waiting around for the landlord’s manager to remember to contact an HVAC professional.  Last June, the a/c in the apartment started to make an terrifying shaking sound and was no longer putting out a passable supply of cool air. I instantaneously alerted the manager, and he promised to get right on it. When several mornings went by, with me covered in sweat non stop and finding it impossible to sleep at night, I called him again. This time, I offered to contact the HVAC company myself to get things done.  Once I got an HVAC specialist to inspect the a/c, an equipment part needed to be ordered. I ended up waiting two more mornings for the desired part to arrive. I am tempted to start looking for a different apartment to rent that has a more modern heating and cooling system.

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