A very hot office

My husband works from an office in our house… and having the husband home all day isn’t great for our power bill, but I’ll get to that. His office is on the other side of the house, where he gets a fair amount of privacy and seclusion from all the hustle and bustle around the house with the rest of the family. Yet, the side of the home he works in is on the older side of the house. Let me explain: part of our home was built in the 1930’s, while the other was built in the last 10 years. Age aside, the insulation on the modern side is so much better than the insulation in the old side. When I run the air conditioning on the newer side of the house, none the cooled air floats to the old area, as it stays in the new portion to cool down the temperature hastily yet efficiently. The kids and I can be freezing out in the living room as we play games to keep warm; cold air blasting through the air vents in the ceiling like chilled daggers, while my husband will be in the office covered in sweat. He’s asked me to turn on the air conditioning, and I usually tell him that it’s already on! It’s not like I leave him in there to sweat. I brought an electric box fan to him so he could plug in and use it in the office. Sadly, that didn’t cut if for him. It’s going to be in the 90s outside or maybe higher, so he said that he’s going to go buy a small window a/c to use in the home office. That’s going to drive our power bill up so much more! Well, then again, he won’t need us running the central A/C all day either. Maybe it will even out?

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