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Last year, I started feeling ill at the end of the fall season. Throughout the complete Winter season, I was subjected to terrible headaches, runny nose, coughing, itchy eyes, sore throat and repeated sneezing. I eventually missed a tremendous amount of time at my job.  Even though I visited the doctor’s office many times and experimented with all sorts of over the counter prescriptions, vitamins and supposed home remedies, I absolutely could not get healthy. At last, when the weather had warmed up, I was able to let up my windows, only then did I start feeling much better. The rush of fresh air really did make a big difference. I was able to be outside without being sick, get some sun, and I instantly felt vigorous once again! It wasn’t great seeing that the weather had cooled off and so I started up my gas furnace, that was when I realized the source of all my health issues. By the time I closed the windows, turned up the thermostat, and powered up the oil furnace, I commenced to coughing, sneezing & feeling ill once again! I promptly called a nearby Heating and A/C supplier to examine the heating equipment for me. When the professional took the gas furnace apart, we found that the inner workings of the equipment was badly overrun with mold, dust and other types of contaminants.  When I went to start the gas furnace up, it was spreading many harmful pollutants throughout my house. I was astonished to know I was breathing them in resulting in me getting sick! I didn’t even want to think about that buildup of debris within the gas furnace which I saw was blocking airflow and forcing the unit to have longer run times. The gas furnace would now have to work a lot harder to achieve the thermostat setting. This could result in greater wear and tear, greater energy use as well as higher utility bills. Once my Heating & A/C repairman was done with the service, I noticed an instant difference. My house now was far cleaner and more comfortable and I was very satisfied. The gas furnace ran less, was far less noisy, and ran itself on a more even temperature. I can happily say now that I never got sick at all over the Winter season.

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