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After retiring from our careers, my hubby & I needed something to keep us active & give us something to do. So we started buying houses very cheap, fixing them up, & putting them on the market. We try to look for houses in a good location with a superb amount of potential.  The asking price of these homes is typically low because they are in need of renovation & replaces. Since Harold & I are rather handy with tools, him and I are able to complete the majority of the job on our own. We are more than capable of updating electric & plumbing, replacing windows, installing modern family room chalets, & completely remodeling bathrooms.  We’ve torn down walls & insulation, built porches, landscaped, & installed light fixtures. About the only project my husband and I are unwilling to take on is the heating & cooling system. Prior to buying a home, Harold and I hired a licensed Heating & Air Conditioning company to come evaluate the existing heating & cooling equipment. We were willing to pay to have a professional scrub & tune the units. We were both ok with investing in a few replacement parts, duct sealing & duct cleaning. We also both insisted that the heating & cooling units operate safely, efficiently & can be relied on for at least several more years of solid operation.  Harold & I don’t want to sell the house & burden the current homeowners with heating/cooling errors. We are not prepared to replace a oil furnace, boiler or a/c on our own. These appliances are rather annoying, & we’re afraid of messing up the process & getting hurt. Since heating & cooling accounts for the majority of the yearly household expenses, it’s very important to have a officially operating & efficient system in tact.

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