A sublime decision

I may not live in the North Pole, however where I do live absolutely has freezing weather.  In my neck of the woods, my husband and I rely on several forms of heating. I have a central furnace, that is connected to the central air conditioner, although rarely used.  Two electric heating systems plus more than one gas heaters, just in case I lose my electricity in a awful storm. Also to help with that are two fireplaces that were built several decades ago, located in the original space of the house.  The two of us have had them maintenanced a couple of times, plus the two of us keep them well tested. If you have a fireplace plus you burn wood frequently, maybe once or twice a week, and you haven’t had your fireplace examined by a professional in the past 2 years, you should have that done.  Of course, if you’re Superman, you can check it yourself. Special equipment is needed to examine a fireplace, plus it can be dangerous, and dirty work. So leave it to the professional, and have your fireplace maintained. If you intend to put your fireplace into use this winter, your air quality could suffer if the fireplace is not finally working properly.  Do you remember setting a fire in the firebox and you neglected to open the damper? Or maybe it is broken? You may not realize that the fireplace is not functioning properly until the smoke starts to backup into your home, destroying any form of air quality you might have, because it absolutely would not be clean air if that were to happen.


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