A steady leak

I was at the gym for a workout on Tuesday, when my dad started calling the house searching high and low to find me. The people I spend time with along with myself finally tracked me down at the treadmill, in order to let me know that my dad was trying to find me immediately. Of course I was instantly worried that something was wrong, and left the gym to travel over to my dad’s place. That’s when I found him trying to move a boxed toilet from the Prius into the garage. I can’t even think how he got that toilet into the Prius to begin with. After finding out that my dad’s Health was perfectly fine, I helped him put the toilet into the garage and ask him what was going on. He had decided that the house needed a high pressure toilet, because he was tired of having to flush the toilet two times every time he went to the bathroom. I told my dad he should have called me first, before purchasing a high pressure toilet. I would have been able to go to the hardware store alongside my dad, and made sure he got a good unit. I worked in the plumbing for fashion for six years, before quitting to be a stay-at-home dad. I knew that’s why my dad was likely contacting me, so I could use my Plumbing skills to help him install the toilet. I just wish he would have contacted me first, so we could have made sure to get the proper toilet for his home.

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