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I am regularly finally toiling on our apartment, developing improvements both inside & outside.  I have torn down the walls & ripped up the carpets in every single room. I’ve changed windows, fixtures, cabinets & countertops.  I’ve built a deck on the back of the home & a porch on the front, & positioned a bunch of trees & shrubs. Both of us now have expansive gardens, a paved driveway, & a beautiful pool.  Although I noticed that the roof on the home was outdated & in requirement of some attention, I shunned it. I noticed the roof would be a expensive, time-consuming project, & I’d be forced to hire from a business.  When I started noticing shingles in the grass & needing buckets to catch the leaks, I had no option but to change the roof. Because of the age of the roof & several layers of shingles, the entire thing had to be completely destroyed.  Both of us endured several weeks with workers crawling all over the apartment, trampling our gardens & making tons of noise. During this time, the two of us were unable to operate the air conditioner. The conditioned air would have definitely escaped right out through the empty roof.  Since the outside temperature was in the mid eighties with overwhelming humidity, it was legitimately terrible. Both of us dealt with a non stop increase of dust, pollen, & bugs. I was ready to have the project completed, & the apartment sealed back up, so I could operate the air conditioner.  I awaited having the air conditioner struggle to take the temperature down, but I was delightfully surprised. The new roof greatly improved the energy efficiency of the apartment & reduced the struggle of the air conditioner. My quarterly quarterly bills have been pleasantly lower, even while the apartment is cleaner & more comfortable.  In the Wintertime, the gas furnace no longer is required to run for as long of cycles to achieve ideal temperature. The savings on the electricity bills will undoubtedly help to salvage the cost of the new roof.

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