A new tune-up

Now that Summer is upon us we are using the air conditioner way more than normal and quite frankly I find it a bit annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly like when it is warm out but I am not a fan of when it is so hot that I beginning perspiring the minute I walk out of the door in the morning. The commute to work is bad and often I spend up to two hours on the thruway because of rush hour traffic. I would much rather have an opportunity to drive with the windows down and not sit in an air conditioned car the whole time. With smog and heat I have no choice though. Honestly, we deal with this every year and you would think that I would be used to it by now or at least have found somewhere else to live, but the truth is I like it here. This is my hometown and where my friends and family are. To pack up and leave just because it is unbearable for two or three months out of the year seems a bit harsh. I think that my biggest complaint has to do with my commute and not the weather itself.  Maybe I will try finding a job closer to home or in an area that would allow me to avoid the backup of traffic on the thruway. This would at least give me an opportunity to drive with the windows down and enjoy the weather when it wasn’t unbearably hot outside. The breeze in the car from time to time would certainly lift my spirits.


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