A new fireplace would have been amazing

What is the deal with little ones leaving doors open all the time? I have a young son and many older sons. I honestly never had any trouble with any of my older boys during the summer season. Because when they would leave our home and go outside into the sizzling hot summer weather, they would consistently close the kitchen door behind them. That way, the air conditioning didn’t escape into the sizzling outdoors. My young son, on the other hand, seems to be under the impression that we should attempt to air condition the entire town. I don’t even know how many times I must have reminded him, yelling at him over this issue. Even so, he just can’t seem to get the door closed. Who knows how much cash the two of us have wasted on lost air conditioning this past summer? Our electric bill has been super high ever since the massive heat wave this summer started. Still, we’ve kept the temperature on our thermostat turned way down. We’ve also tried to keep ceiling fans and electric fans running most of the time so as to keep the air from the air vents circulating better. But unfortunately, Mr. Raised-In-A-Barn can’t figure out how to close a door, so none of the energy saving devices that I try to use truly help much at all. My spouse says that we probably should just make our young son spend money to pay the power bill this once. We hope when he sees how much air conditioning really costs during the summer season, he will drop the habit once and for all! But since our kid is only 10 years old, I’m not quite sure that course of action is going to have an impact on him.  

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