A leaky a/c device

My associate operates some land that she has began a small ranch on. She has a little shack turned into living quarters on the property too, plus sometimes she rests there overnight because her real duplex is over an hour away. The little shack is nice: it has a bed, refrigerator, over, table, chairs, plus WIFI. She also has a small window cooling system unit to keep it frigid in the warm season. The cooling system operates even when she is not there. Otherwise the little shack heats up enjoy a vehicle parked in the daylight in July. Well, the other day there was a sizable storm when my associate was not at her ranch. There was a lot of wind plus rain. The next day, I went out to examine the critters for her although I didn’t inspect the shed. On the next day, she came out plus noticed that the cooling system had been tipped into the shed partially, plus that the liquid that the window unit produced had travelled all inside the wall. It had already began to get moldy too. I felt awful that I had not discovered this when I had gone to the ranch. It had seemed wonderful from the outside, plus I could hear the cooling system operating, so I considered that nothing was wrong; Now the wall is going to have to be destroyed, plus the cooling system is going to have to be completely replace before she can remain in her little home away from home again. I suppose I am going to be assisting with this.

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