A huge rip off

Now that Summer is at its peak, we are using the air conditioning system on a constant basis and quite frankly I find it a bit upset about it.  Don’t get me wrong I like most things about summer and when it is in the 70’s I am fine, but, I am not a fan of when it is scorching hot and I start dripping with sweat the minute I walk out of the door in the morning. The commute to work is bad and often I spend up to forty five minutes on the thruway because of rush hour traffic. I am not be able to have the windows down for any of my morning commute because I need to use the air conditioning. I would show up for meeting looking like something the cat drug in in I didn’t. Honestly, we deal with this every year and you would have thought that I would be used to it by now or at least have found somewhere else to live, however, the truth is I like it here. This is hometown and where all of my friends and family live. To pack up and leave just because it is unbearable for a few months out of the year seems a bit childish. If there were some way to change the climate and make it a bit cooler I would do it in a heartbeat, but I will not move because of it. At least I have a full HVAC system in my home and an inground swimming pool in the backyard so I can stay cool for the most part. It is mostly when I am driving or have to be outdoors for an extended amount of time that it starts to be a drag.

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