A higher powered air cooling

My husband and I live in what’s known traditionally as a shotgun-style house. This type of home is long from the front doors to the back deck.  However truly narrow as though it were a townhome. For sure, an unusual design for a house, it’s surprisingly comfortable as we became comfortable with the structure!  One thing neither of us enjoy about our house, however, is how this narrow confined section leaves zero room for a powerful heating and a/c. With no real attic section and a complete lack of unused storage areas, having anything bigger than a window-mounted a/c plan is unrealistic – or so the two of us thought. That’s when we did our research and discovered a type of duct known as small-duct, high-velocity systems, and known more widely by the abbreviation SDHV.  This plan uses ductwork which is much smaller than conventional fiberglass or even metal ductwork. About two inches in total diameter, flexible and insulated, these narrow sized ducts blend with a compact central a/c component stored in our attic to propel cool air throughout the house at a much faster pace! Not only is this plan just perfect for homes with crammed attics or tiny crawl spaces, it also works to quickly chill or warm houses such as ours. And since this ductwork is so small, the vent registers are roughly the size of compact discs. There won’t be anywhere near as much chopping into walls and ceilings to place ductwork when installing a SDHV system!  My husband and I are only waiting on a local Heating and A/C corporation to supply us with a quote for the upgrade, parts and labor. The two of us will then move forward on installing this plan at our home. The people I know and I can’t wait to see how well this thing works to make our house even more cozy!


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