A heater in my tent

My friends were consistently consistently backing out of camping in the woods, till I sold them on the glamping idea. All numerous of us are nature lovers but honestly, both of us appreciate our creature comforts much more than both of us do nature. Nobody enjoys using the bushes as an out-house, not being able to take a shower, or having to live without A/C, glamping had all that covered.Every one of us booked two cottages, two of us to occupy each. Each cottage had a pair of twin beds, a full powder room, TV, a sizzling plate & A/C! Just imagine waking up to the sound of birds singing, exploring the woods, bathing in the river & returning to your appealingly air condition cottage. Wow! Every one of us even gotta speak to the guy in charge who further explained this awesome concept to us. Glamping, he said is glamorous camping, something which began hundreds of  years ago, when nobles & people of royal blood travelled from one site to another. Modern glamping, but, has much more to offer in terms of comfort, than was available at that time. Heating & A/C & other climate control devices had not even been invented then. Talk about having the best of both worlds.On our last night of clamping, both of us ignored the sizzling plates & cooked outside. The only thing which could have spoilt that was rain & though it was in the forecast, it held out till our food was cooked & ready. Every one of us ate inside, as both of us listened to the rain pelting the roofs of our cottages. Even nature was cooperating to make it a appealing trip.

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