A grand HVAC unit

The day my girlfriend and I first met was like something right out of a commercial, really. I was a delivery driver for this local pizza joint, and I was delivering to this nice looking home that looked like it had potential for a big tip. When she opened the door, I couldn’t believe the vision of beauty standing before me. She was the most gorgeous, stunning woman I’ve ever laid my wandering eyes on. It was cold outside too, and seeing my breath in the air, she offered to let me come in while her friends got the money together for the food. From what I saw, they were having a little low-key party, and one car outside made it seem like the parents were out of town. Talking with her and making her laugh a few times really got my confidence up! I tell you, there was magic in the air with this sweet lady. I remember telling her how nice her Heating as well as Air Conditioning system was, because it pretty nice and toasty around her home. She her dad always wanted the best, and paid to have a top-of-the-line Heating and Air Conditioning plan installed. She said her dad wouldn’t stop talking about being signed up for a service plan to keep the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment in top shape. She pointed at the wall, where a programmable thermostat was installed and ready to meet the demands of houseguests. I thought about sticking around, since I’d quit my job just to spend more time with this girl! I knew that would be highly irresponsible though, and no deserving woman would respect me for throwing coworkers into the fire like that. I hadn’t even realized her friends were standing there, money for the pizza in hand. I took the money of course, but I said I’ll take a number instead of a tip. I couldn’t believe it worked!

wireless thermostat

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