A ductless heating system

If you buy an air conditioning system, pay for the cooling plan installation! After buying the expensive A/C unit, the last thing I wanted to do was spend more cash on the installation fee.I figured setting up an A/C could not be that hard. I called my brother Seth and the two of us moved the cooling unit. But the A/C was super heavy, bulky and impossible to get our grip right; Seth ended up dropping his side a few times. By the time both of us got the A/C equipment into the house, the box was damaged. The actual A/C housing inside was a bit dented and mashed looking. Seth and I just decided to go for the installation right there. A/C is way more complicated than I thought. I recognize that I was expecting a portable window AC unit or something like a small electric heater. I thought Seth and I would take out the A/C device, and we’d just have to plug it in–nope! There was wiring, refrigerant tubes…both of us actually had to set up the whole A/C system. It took him and I hours to do. Also messing with wiring and refrigerant tubing was nerve wracking. Seth was freaking out that he was going to get electrocuted. I was upset about chopping the tubing or installing it wrong. After both of us set it up, the pricey air conditioner did not even run. We then messed around with refrigerant, coolant and freon… Finally both of us got it to work, but I have to say, the A/C system does not look real good. I am predicting that it won’t last for long.

AC system 

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