A brand new air filter

About two years ago, my partner in addition to I built a house from scratch. The two of us were extremely careful during the planning stages, hoping to get everything perfect. The two of us took the time to research components of a home. We really wanted to build an energy efficient home with low maintenance that would also keep us comfortable. After some debate, we decided to purchase an electric heat pump to handle climate control. While a heat pump is a rather fancy purchase, the unit is beautifully energy efficient. During the summer season, the heat pump operates in a way similar to a conventional cooling system. It finds ambient heat in the indoor air and then pumps it outside.  The process is quiet, clean, and wonderful at fighting excess humidity. In the wintertime, the heat pump reverses this operation, using ambient heat extracted from the outdoor air in addition to transferring it indoors. This eliminates the combustion process, quelling our fears of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, the heat pump is only effective until the outside temperature drops below zero. My partner in addition to I were unaware of this, since our air conditioning serviceman assured us the heat pump would handle our year round comfort needs. We’ve found that, although the heat pump makes an attempt to keep up, our home just doesn’t seem to get warm, and we have to bundle up in sweaters.  The two of us are genuinely unhappy about this, but there isn’t much we can do about it since we already purchased the unit.

heat pump system 

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