A big issue with my air conditioning

My childhood friend, Maggie and I appreciate doing activities that has to do with being out on the water.  Riding in boats, jet skis, canoes, and kayaks are among our most favorite things to do. Since both of us are newly single, we travel all over the nation finding the best state parks so we can boat in the water. Summertime is absolutely our busiest time at work, so my friend and I aren’t able to travel during these months. To be able to boat during the summer until fall, Maggie and I take kayaking trips to the parks with lakes near our home.  Just about every other weekend we I drive to the lake and spend two nights exploring in our kayaks. We find a clear area to camp in the campground near the water and stay the weekend in the great outdoors. I legitimately appreciate camping, however the one thing that drives me crazy is that it is very difficult to sleep when it’s so hot out. I am used to sleeping at home in a nice air conditioned room. However when you’re outside in the middle of the forest, there’s very no way to stay cool.  One time, Maggie became so exhausted with dealing with the heat, that she bought a small generator to bring and plug her portable A/C unit into. Of course, couldn’t bring the A/C and generator in a kayak, so we ended up renting a boat instead. We had a good time and the tent was comfortable and cool that evening. However it wasn’t something that the people I was with and I could do every weekend and Maggie knew it. Since then, we have been in search for cabins with cooling systems along the lake that we could rent.  We haven’t had any luck yet because none of them seem to have any sort of A/C in them. Until we find one, I guess we have to learn to camp without our A/C.

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